The District 26 Team will work collaboratively to bring home the financial resources from the State of Maryland to address community needs, such as: Education, Public Safety, Economic Development, Transportation, Healthcare; and the Environment.


We have to continue to work on alleviating the traffic congestion and fatalities on Rt. #210, and all state highways in the State of Maryland.


We have to preserve our woodlands, and vulnerable waterways. We have to make sure that we are building new home developments in areas that are safe, and do not cause potential harm or vulnerability for homeowners nor the environment.

Economic Development

Property taxes are too high in Prince George’s County, and the State of Maryland. One of the most effective ways to address this matter is to grow our business sector. We must create employment centers in Prince George’s County (developing around our metro stations must be a priority and other strategic
locations). Increased revenue from business taxes could help to offset high property taxes.

High property taxes hurt all citizens, but they particularly harm our senior citizens. We must protect our senior citizens.


We must ensure that we receive an equitable share of funding from the Kirwan Commission funding formula for public schools.

The HBCU settlement of $577 million should be the down payment on a long-term plan to redress the inequitable funding from the State of Maryland over the years.

Prince George’s County Public Schools must develop a long-term plan to upgrade the physical plant of county schools, while ensuring that the academic performance is significantly improved at all levels.


We have to make sure that the healthcare infrastructure in Prince George’s County is improved. Particularly, we have to make sure that the resources are available to upgrade south county healthcare facilities.

Crime/Public Safety

We have to ensure that we take a holistic approach to crime fighting in Prince George’s County and throughout the State of Maryland. The School to Prison Pipeline must be addressed.